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We have a dream, hoping that our world would be kinder to one another.

Well, reality bites. We can't save the world. However, we can still make a difference and bring happiness to those around us. That's why we've chosen flowers as our way to spread joy.
Flowers aren't just for special occasions; they can brighten up our everyday lives and bring us happiness.

For over 40 years, we've been producing beautiful flowers and establishing reliable business partnerships with flower sellers both domestically and internationally.
In 2018, we decided to give a share to a new goodwill partner, which led to the creation of MORIe Florist.

MORIe Florist stand with distributers, shop owners and individuals who also spread and receive happiness. We offer quality flowers at a fair price.

We may not be able to save the world, but we all can make the world a brighter place.


Spreading love, making the world a little brighter place. We bring flowers closer to you.

Because we are the grower, we can give you a good value with good qualities for those flowers we grow!
A wide range of flowers from partners! (Any flowers will be seekd according to your inquiry.)
Our farms, works, people, flowers and life!
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Company: MORIe Florist (No. EB-A2018071700394)

Started : July 2018

(Goodwill : Goh Soon Nursery Sdn.Bhd. - Dec 1978

Venue : Kampung Raja, Cameron Highland

Service : Flower grower, Flower whole seller

Tel/Whatsapp : (+60)19-555 9223

Email: moriefarmer@gmail.com

Facebook: morieflorist

Instagram: nowhereland1976

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